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With MedBanner Network you will be able to target specific area of interest within healthcare industry. You can select one of our four "channels", such as Physician Channel, Nurse/Allied Channel, Medical Students Channel, Healthcare Consumer Channel or any combination of the above. We are also able to isolate many common healthcare contitions and even target your ads by keywords matched to content on our publisher sites.

Clearly if your market is limited to a geographic area, you will not be served by displaying your ads outside that area. For example, sites that are hosted and operated from the US commonly have 30%-40% international traffic. Therefore, if you target a market in the United States then you waste 30-40% of your capital—unless you geo-target. By geo-targeting services based on constantly updated Quova's IP address database, MedBanner identifies the geographic location of each user. It then delivers ads to users from that particular geographic location. We target by country, state, DMA, zip code and area code.

Through a combination of these targeting capabilities and our extensive experience working with healthcare industry we are able to fulfill all your online advertising needs.

Medbanner’s list of targeting options:

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