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Medical and health-related sites:

MedBanner works only with medical/healthcare sites. We welcome sites with traffic of doctors, allied medical professionals, nurses, medical support personnel, or sites with medical and healthcare-related information for consumers.

Minimum traffic requirements:

50,000 pageviews/month for a health-care consumer site
20,000 pageviews/month for a doctor/nurse/allied healthcare professional site

If you have a medical site, that does not generate enough traffic to become a MedBanner publisher, you are welcome to join our free Medical Banner Exchange program. MedBanner’s Exchange program will help you grow your traffic by promoting your site on hundreds of medical sites.

Fully-functional, professionally-hosted sites

Sites have to be live, should not have “under construction” pages and can not be hosted with free hosting services such as Geocities, Tripod, etc

Prohibited content:

MedBanner does not accept sites that host or link to the following content:


MedBanner’s ad should be the only banner of a particular size visible within the first 800x600 pixels. No more than one MedBanner banner of each size is allowed to be on a page.

Banners can not be displayed within:

Placing MedBanner tags on pages with automatic refresh; using timed banner rotation, or using any other ways of artificially inflating impressions or clicks is expressly prohibited.

Banners can be displayed only on the pages under approved root URLs (domain names). If you have several sites, you would need to get approval for each domain by your account manager. You would then place a tag for the appropriate domain on each site.

Since most of the advertisements served by MedBanner are in English, we require that our ads are placed only on pages that are in English.

The above requirements are reflected in publisher agreement. MedBanner constantly monitors its sites to insure they continue to satisfy these requirements.

          For more information or if you would like us to join, please complete the following form.

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