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Know and improve your ROI with MedBanner reports

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Reporting & Optimization

Research demonstrates that half of all advertising dollars spent are wasted! MedBanner helps you defy this statistic: we track campaign performance not only to clicks, but to post-click actions, such as leads, sales or customer acquisitions. You receive an accounting of the exact number of new customers acquired through advertising with us. In addition, advertisers are informed of how effective each ad is in attracting new customers. Medbanner’s meticulous reports yield accurate figures for the return on your investment . This then enables us to modify and optimize your campaigns to generate the highest possible ROI for you.

The following campaign reports will be available to you online through your password-protected account:

We generate standard reports for each of your ads. Our data collection is used to optimize your campaign by:

Through optimization, we more than double the click-through rates and customer acquisition rates and ultimately the overall ROI for advertising campaigns. Based on the ad performance reports, we offer recommendations for development of new ads for current and future campaigns.

To summarize: You receive a comprehensive accounting of all campaign results. You will realize ROI for your ad campaign. MedBanner will improve the ROI through multivariate campaign optimization.

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