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MedBanner are experts in their field. They have successfully represented our ad inventory with targeted and high quality ads for our niche medical audience. We are more than satisfied with our MedBanner service.

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MedBanner is a specialized medical advertising network. Since 1999, we have accumulated an extensive portfolio of advertisers who consistently book campaigns on our partner sites year after year. We deliver relevant, targeted ads of leading pharmaceutical, medical equipment and medical infrastructure companies. This specialization, along with the additional value that we provide, prices our publisher sites' inventories at premium rates. We then pass on these profits to our publishers.

Large advertisers and their agencies are interested in reaching large audiences. By affiliating with our network of over 600 medical sites, you create a viable audience for advertisers.

As a publisher, you will benefit from the competence of our qualified sales team as well as the use of our sophisticated ad serving solution. MedBanner will maximize the utilization of available ad inventory on your site without the requisite investment in technology and superfluous sales staff that would be necessary should you not work with us.

Finally, we do help publishers get even more traffic through advice on the structure, internal linking and on page search engine optimization advice. By making your site easily indexed by search engines you maximise your potential traffic and revenue.

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