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PPC Management
Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

PPC Management

Save time, save money and reach thousands of qualified new customers

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising refers to the small text ads that appear on the top and sides of any search engine results page. You only pay for the ad when a potential customer clicks on it and is driven to your site. To be effective, you’ll want to create multiple ads to appear on many different search pages. In other words, you’ll need to create a PPC campaign.

At MedBanner, we have seven years of experience creating and managing PPC campaigns and are Google and Yahoo qualified professionals. Our strategy includes generating lists of relevant keywords, organizing the keywords into manageable groups, monitoring bidding on the keywords, creating ads for each keyword group, uploading multiple ads, and managing your campaigns.

Because our unique proprietary software program makes an otherwise daunting and tedious task efficient, you’ll spend much less time and money while reaching thousands more customers.

We provide the following PPC campaign management services:

Using Keywords to Generate a PPC Campaign

To create your PPC campaign, the first step is to generate a list of relevant keywords, the phrases a potential customer will use for a search on Google or other search engines. For instance, if you run a physician employment agency, when a potential customer types the keywords, “cardiology or physician jobs,” you’ll want your PPC ad to be placed on that search engine results page.

Many advertisers generate a small campaign of five or ten ads to match five or ten keyword searches. At MedBanner, we recommend much broader exposure. Using our sophisticated proprietary software, we generate lists of thousands of relevant keywords. The campaign becomes manageable because we organize the keywords into groups, with one ad targeting groups of related keywords. This means literally thousands more customers are driven to your site with little additional cost per ad.

For your physician employment agency, some possible keyword groups for your agency might include:

Advertisement Creation

Once you have generated your list of relevant keywords, you’ll want to include as many of those keywords as possible in your advertisement. This is because the search engine rewards you for relevancy. Simply put, Google will place your advertisement higher on the page if you use keywords in your title and in the ad itself.

For example, here’s an ad for the keyword health spa. Note that the keyword appears in the title and in the ad itself.

Health Spa: For a Treat
Come to the world’s
most expensive health spa.

As you can see from this example, you must tell your story in just a few words, about 15-20. PPC advertisements must also conform to different requirements for different search engines.

Our team at MedBanner will write PPC ads that comply to each search engine’s requirements, improve your position on the page and boost response from customers.

Monitoring Bids and Optimizing Your Campaign

As mentioned earlier, your PPC ads will appear on search engine results pages for relevant keywords (i.e. for your physician employment agency, you’ll want your ad pulled up when a potential customer types in the keyword phrases such as physician jobs, M.D. jobs, and many others).

At MedBanner, we research the keyword phrases that will draw the most customers to your site, then bid against your competitors for those keywords. The highest bidder wins the top position on the page, as the #1 ad will receive the most clicks and thus draw more customers to the advertiser’s website. The #2 position goes to the second highest bidder, and so on.

In addition to bidding, ad ranking is also determined by how relevant the ad is considered by Google or other search engines. Google constantly optimizes ads based on their historical performance and other factors, which means that they move ads up in rank that are more relevant and effective (i.e. ads that include more than one relevant keyword and therefore receive more clicks).

Once the ad is created and bids set, our seasoned team at MedBanner will monitor a continual auction for keyword bids, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monitoring bids in this highly competitive, warlike atmosphere can be a tremendous drain on time and resources for the inexperienced. This is why most companies today leave PPC campaign management to the experts, just as they would outsource the management of a print ad campaign.

At MedBanner, our experienced staff monitors bids and optimizes your returns in a fraction of the time, saving you money and producing far more effective results.

Conversion Tracking

Once your campaign starts, our team at MedBanner will want to know which of your PPC ads are converting to the most sales. This is managed through conversion tracking.

How does this work? As part of your Google Advertising account, you’ll receive a piece of code. By placing this code on the transaction page of your website, we can track how many sales are made for each PPC ad.

Conversion tracking helps us analyze what is working or not working in your campaign. For instance, one keyword may be producing many more sales than others. Once the data is in, we can focus your ad campaign on the keywords that are producing sales and stop paying for ads that are not.

In other cases, conversion tracking may tell us that the current position of your ad is not be cost effective. It’s not always best to be #1 on the page, as the cost per click is higher. If your rate of conversion is 10% (i.e. it takes ten clicks to make one sale), lets say the cost of $8 per click for the number one ad makes the advertising cost for one sale $80. If you drop to the #3 position, where the cost per click may be only $2, then your advertising cost per sale is only $20. Conversion tracking tells us which position is most profitable.

It is this ability to analyze the bottom line that makes PPC advertising more cost effective than any other type of advertising media today.

At MedBanner, we monitor conversion tracking data to determine which ads are generating the most sales, and which ones should be discontinued. This saves you time and expense, and takes the guesswork out of your PPC campaign’s cost effectiveness.

Get expert help with PPC Setup and management - in business since 1999.

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Search Engine Optimization

Improve Your Importance on Search Engines and Reach a Wider Audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective strategy to increase your website’s visibility and importance on search engines—and reach a wider audience. By optimizing your site’s content, page titles, metatags and links, you can significantly improve your site’s relevancy—and your site’s performance on the algorithmic formulas search engines use to determine page ranking. Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising, there is no ongoing fee for SEO, which makes it a cost-effective way to improve your exposure on search engines and drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Why is SEO important? Let’s imagine for a moment that your website is equal to your competitor’s in design and content. All other things being equal, if you optimize these elements and your competition does not, your website will rank higher than your competition’s on major search engines.

Talking with Search Engines

Basically optimizing a site means telling the search engine what each page is about—by using keywords and other strategies that search engines can understand.

At the heart of SEO is selecting relevant keywords and repeating those key words throughout the following elements on your site:

By selecting relevant keywords and repeating them throughout these elements, you are communicating clearly to the search engine what each page of your site is about. All of these elements have some weight in the search engine’s algorithmic formula for determining page ranking.

At MedBanner, we help you select the keywords that draw the most traffic on search engine searches and optimize their use throughout each of these elements, placing your pages higher and making your website easily visible to your targeted customer base.

Title of page

Of all the elements in SEO, the page title is the most defining factor. The title (the link to each site listed on search engine results pages, underlined in blue) is the most important indicator of what your web page is about (Example: Physician Jobs Nationwide). Within the title, certain keywords may be set in bold, another indicator to the search engine that these words describe your page best (Example: Physician Jobs Nationwide).

This may sound simple, but many people make the mistake of repeating the same name for every page of their site rather than using the most important keyword for that particular page. Remember that the keyword unlocks each page to your site. So on your Physician Jobs site, use Internist Jobs as the title for a page on employment opportunities for internists, but Pediatrician Jobs for the page that lists jobs for pediatricians. This makes it easy for the search engine to determine what the page is about.

Name of page

You’ll want the name of your site, which is your URL, to include a top key word. For your physician job site, you might include the key word “physician jobs,” for example: physicanjobs.com.

You’ll also want to use key words for the name of each page in the site, which appears in the last part of the URL. For instance, if a page of your site advertises jobs for anesthesiologists, you’ll want to use something like “anesthesiologist jobs,” as the name of the page (Example: physicianjobs.com/anesthesiologistjobs.html).

Metatags and Descriptions

Metatags describe your website pages, and are generally seen by search engines but not customers. Customers do see metadescriptions that appear on search engine results pages underneath the underlined title for each website. Metadescriptions give a one-sentence description of your website. You could think of it as a free ad—your chance to catch a customer’s eye as they scan the results page after typing in a key word query.


Physician Jobs Nationwide (title, underlined in blue, key words in bold)

Physician jobs for all specialties in North America (metadescription)

At MedBanner, we take care in writing metatags and descriptions that use relevant key words to accurately describe each page of your site for search engines. We also make your metadescriptions appealing and informative to potential customers who view them on search engine results pages.

Internal Links

The internal links used to connect pages within your site should also contain relevant keywords. If you use the keyword anesthesiologist jobs as a link to a page on your site, that keyword in the link gives the search engine another clue, another way to know what that page is about. This repetition of relevant keywords gives added weight to your site’s importance in the eyes of the search engine. Then when someone types in “anesthesiologist jobs,” the search engine has several ways of knowing that your page is about employment opportunities for anesthesiologists.


You want the content of your site to be unique and relevant to the keywords you are using to describe it. In other words, if your page title and metatags use “physician jobs” as your key word phrase, your page must actually be about physician jobs.

In addition, the material needs to be well-organized and the writing dynamic and fresh, whether you are communicating with your customers or with search engines. Well-written conten is the icing on the cake—the element that may set you apart from other sites that repeat keywords often but are not well written. In fact, search engines are continually improving their ability to measure quality content vs. contrived repetition of keywords. Sites that mindlessly repeat keywords are actually penalized on search engines and receive a lower ranking.

At MedBanner, we help you improve your content to be appealing to both search engines and customers, raising your ranking and conversion to sales.

Get expert help with Search Engine Optimization - in business since 1999.

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Link Building

Create a Free Recruiting Network and Increase Your Site’s Importance

Linking your site to other sites is important for two reasons:

Inbound vs. Outbound Links

There are two types of links: inbound and reciprocal. Inbound links appear on other sites and point to your site in a one-way flow. They are created when someone simply thinks your site is useful to their customer base.

Reciprocal links also point to your site, but in this case your site points links back to theirs. Usually reciprocal links are created when one company approaches the other and suggests reciprocal linking for mutual benefit.

There is a controversy among experts about the efficacy of these two types of links. While search engines may give extra weight to inbound links in determining your website’s importance, in reality, most sites do use reciprocal links to increase qualified traffic and to raise their importance to search engines.

The key is to link your site to other relevant sites, sites that have a similar customer base. For example, your physician recruiting website would want to be linked to resume sites and recruiting firms, as physicians visiting those sites would be likely to click on your link of “Jobs for Physicians.”

Orderliness and Directories

Orderliness is another factor to consider when choosing sites to link to. Are the links on other sites presented in an orderly manner, in a well-defined directory so your link will be easily identified? Will your “Physician Jobs” link be listed with other medical job sites, so it can easily be found?

At MedBanner, we use analytical tools to determine the best linking strategy for your site. Then we research the most important sites to link to yours, using both inbound and reciprocal linking to drive new qualified customers to your site and raise your site’s importance in search engine ranking.

Get expert help with Link Building - in business since 1999.

Interested? - Call 800-860-4857 or 641-472-0998

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