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Gain a competitive edge by using targeted banner advertising on physician jobs, medical jobs, and other medical websites.

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Physician Recruiters and Nurse Staffing Companies

Physician recruitment firms and nurse staffing companies often limit their advertising efforts to classified ads in physician job and nurse employment sites. This choice is an inexpensive and targeted way to advertise. For example, large physician employment sites can place physician job classifieds in front of tens of thousands of physicians of many specialties.

A typical physician employment or medical job site can have your classifieds listed with job openings posted by many other physician and nurses recruiters. Banner ads on employment sites will reinforce your message and position your organization as a larger, reputable recruitment company. Your brand name will be recognized and remembered by thousands of physicians. Whenever physicians or nurses are browsing through job classifieds posted by organizations, your recruitment ads will receive much more credibility and user attention than will the ads of your competitors.

Finally, there is an enormous benefit in reaching physicians and nurses on websites other than just physician and nurse employment sites. Visitors to such sites are not exposed to hundreds of other job classifieds. Some visitors might not be looking for jobs at that point in time, but when they do start thinking about new employment opportunities, the name of your medical recruitment firm will be the first one they will recall.

MedBanner will place your ads on premium sites that have physician and nurse-allied traffic. If you recruit locally, your ads can be targeted geographically to specific areas within the United States. You can advertise by using a wide range of possible ad units, including banners, text/HTML ads, and Flash/Floating ads.

You will receive detailed 3-rd party campaign performance reports and your campaign will be optimized by several parameters that include sites, creative, target, and frequency.

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