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Advertising to Physicians or Directly to Consumers for Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Pharmaceutical Advertising to Physicians

Pharmaceutical advertising to physicians represents a valuable tool in the pharmaceutical marketing mix. A Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive 2003 healthcare poll found that(67%) of adult Americans trust their doctors to choose the best medication for them. Thus, it is no surprise that 80% of pharmaceutical marketing budgets advertises to physicians.

With aging baby boomers, prescription drug expenditures are on the rise. In fact, it is the fastest growing portion of healthcare spending in the US. The competition for physicians amongst pharmaceutical companies is fierce.

Pharmaceutical marketing to physicians contains challenges:

As physicians search online for information, the Internet is now an effective way of advertising to physicians. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the vast majority of physicians who visit health-related web sites report that the information they find online has a strong influence on their medical decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment. Many doctors also report that the information found on the Internet has greatly impacted what they prescribe to patients.

If you are in the pharmaceutical business, advertising to physicians on the Internet must be an important part of your marketing mix. MedBanner is the only Internet advertising network that specializes in advertising to physicians and other medical professionals. With MedBanner, your ads will be displayed simultaneously on dozens of high-quality websites with high physician traffic. Your ad placement and campaign setup will benefit from our 8-year experience in advertising successfully to physicians.

Direct to Consumer Advertising

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising has emerged as an alternative to advertising to physicians, primarily because of the greater difficulty in reaching physicians. DTC advertising has proven to be extremely effective in spreading the awareness about a new drug released onto the market. According to an FDA survey on the impact of direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs, DTC advertising creates significant influence on the attitudes of patients toward particular medications.

If Direct-to-Consumer advertising is part of your company's marketing strategy, MedBanner will place your ads on many premium healthcare consumer websites, while also targeting particular healthcare conditions.

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