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You display banners for other members and they display banners for you!

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How it Works

Once you join, you will be given a small bit of HTML code to insert into your web page. Every time you or someone else views your web page, the HTML code will display a text ad or a banner. The ads may look something like the examples below.

Text ad example:
Text Ads Come to MedBanner!
Bringing people to your site has
never been easier. Join now!

Banner ad example:

Earn advertising revenue with MedBanner's ad representation program

The text ad or banner will be an advertisement for either:

  1. Another MedBanner member
  2. MedBanner itself
  3. A MedBanner advertiser

By displaying ads for other sites, you earn credits towards getting your own ads shown! It is a 2:1 ratio - for every ad you display, you earn a credit. For every two credits you earn, our system displays your ad on another member's site. Of course, you have to create your text ads or upload your banners so that we can advertise your site. Click here to see requirements for text ads, banners and placement.

Medically Targeted Marketing

Your ad will only appear on medical sites. In this way, your message will be targeted to the only audience that matters to you....the medical community.

         For more information or if you would like us to join, please complete the following form.

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