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By uploading more ads you can significantly increase the medical professional or healthcare consumer traffic to your site from MedBanner

MedBanner Banner Exchange Member Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

Double Your Click-Through Rate by Testing Different Banners

The MedBanner Exchange program was designed to help medical sites attract target audiences by promoting them on other medical sites for free.

By uploading more ads you can significantly increase the medical professional or healthcare consumer traffic to your site from MedBanner.

MedBanner's Banner Exchange Program advertises your site to the visitors of hundreds of medical sites at no cost to you. The two benefits that your site receives are:

One simple technique will help you dramatically increase the amount of traffic and the number of new customers that your site receives through the Exchange Program.

In order to generate more traffic, you have to increase the number of people clicking on your banner ads. To achieve that you can design many different banners and then test them to determine the best performing ones.

To determine the success of your ad, you can use a measure called Click-Through Rate (CTR) - a number that tells what percentage of times people actually clicked the ad that was displayed on pages they viewed. The CTR is simply a ratio of the number of clicks to the number of ad displays (impressions).

MedBanner Lets You Chart the Performance of Different Banners
- And Select Those that Perform Best

Through its online reports, MedBanner informs you of the Click-Through Rate for each of your different banners, which allows you to compare their performance. If you upload several banners, you will be able to see which of them generate better Click-Through Rates. Then you can optimize your advertising. You can disable banners that don't produce a good click-through rate and leave the best-performing banners in the rotation.

A Case Study Testing Effectiveness of Different Banners

Below are the actual reports for a member of the Banner Exchange. You can see how this member was able to nearly triple the Click-Through Rate by uploading many banners:

At first only two banners were uploaded and the results were:

Size Description   Displays   Clicks       CTR% 
468x60 Banner001   5660 30 0.53
Banner002   6053 19 0.31
Subtotals for 468x60:  11713 49 0.42
Total:  11713 49 0.42

Then 20 more banners were uploaded and the results were:

Size Description   Displays   Clicks       CTR% 
468x60 Banner005   9972 152 1.52
Banner012   7920 112 1.41
Banner015   7593 106 1.40
Banner007   8961 119 1.33
Banner013   8018 102 1.27
Banner019   7216 90 1.25
Banner021   7003 81 1.16
Banner017   7489 76 1.01
Banner020   7102 62 0.87
Banner006   8854 70 0.79
Banner001   14983 78 0.52
Banner014   7834 39 0.50
Banner010   8104 38 0.47
Banner003   10047 46 0.46
Banner008   8549 32 0.37
Banner018   7043 24 0.34
Banner002   19661 65 0.33
Banner011   8050 27 0.34
Banner004   9845 23 0.23
Banner022   6958 13 0.19
Banner016   7509 14 0.19
Banner009   8373 13 0.16
Subtotals for 468x60:  197084 1382 0.70
Total:  197084 1382 0.70

The final step was to keep only the best performing banners:

Size Description   Displays   Clicks       CTR% 
468x60 Banner005   16036 242 1.51
Banner012   13972 203 1.45
Banner015   14197 197 1.39
Banner007   15224 196 1.29
Banner019   13255 170 1.28
Banner013   13713 165 1.20
Banner021   12991 144 1.11
Banner017   13879 151 1.09
Banner006   15968 112 0.70
Banner020   13050 85 0.65
Subtotals for 468x60:  142285 1665 1.17
Total:  142285 1665 1.17

This member managed to nearly triple the Click-Through Rate, from .42% to 1.17%. The member's site now receives nearly three times as much traffic a day.

The industry average CTR for 468x60 banners is 0.4% - compared to 1.17% for this member. The key is testing and then using those that were best.

How long do you need to keep a new banner in the rotation to be able to determine its performance? With too small of a sample, you might prematurely discard a banner, which could produce a good result over a longer period of time. A simple rule of thumb that we use is that a sample of either 8,000 impressions or 40 clicks is per banner enough.

While most exchange members have never uploaded more than four banners, others take full advantage of the Banner Exchange program. Some get amazing results such as 1.17% CTR. The above-described case produced dramatic improvement, and there is no guarantee that all of you will achieve these results. However, we can assure that you will significantly increase your CTR by following this example.

We invite you to experiment with your banners. The range of the click-through rates on different banners can be very high, and it is nearly impossible to predict which banner will give you best results. All the more important to test many banners.

Banner Exchange Support Team

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