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Analyzing Your Site

Improve Rank and Visibility

The first step in designing your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign is to analyze how your website rates with search engines. One indicator is Google’s page rank. How does your site’s page rank compare to your competitors’ sites? At MedBanner, we analyze these and other parameters to determine how to move your site higher for those search terms that are important to you—to increase qualified traffic to your site.

And we don’t stop there we look at indexing to make sure that every page of your site is made visible to search engines. We analyze how to attract the most new customers to your site through linking. The result for you: more new traffic, more qualified customers, and significantly higher returns on your marketing dollars.

What Exactly Is PageRank and Why Is It Important?

Google measures the importance of web pages by using a patented PageRank formula. Other search engines use similar algorithms. There are many speculations regarding the way page rank is calculated; however, Googles' website indicates that your page will be ranked higher if:

Linking for New Customers

While linking your site helps raise your page rank, there are other reasons to link as well. If you have a website that sells medical billing, for instance, you’ll want your site linked to sites that sell other medical services, such as medical equipment. Then when a customer searches that website for medical equipment, they also see your link for medical billing. Linking to selected sites can drive many new customers to your site, substantially increasing your sales and ROI.

How many links to create to your site is another question to explore. Ultimately, your best strategy lies in analyzing the websites of your competitors to see how many links are pointing at their sites. If your competitor has hundreds of links—that tells you how many links you need. It also gives you a good starting place for finding relevant sites to link to yours.

At MedBanner, we analyze your site and your competitors’ sites. Based on that analysis, we implement links to relevant sites that will build your customer base and your page importance on Google and other search engines.

Indexing for Greater Visibility

In order for a page from your website to show up on a Google (or Yahoo) search, it must first be indexed by them. The goal is to have every page of your site indexed by all the major search engines. Sometimes pages are invisible because they appear to duplicate content, or because they aren’t given the proper metatags or titles, a hidden description of your page that only search engines can see. If any of your pages are not indexed, the search engine does not understand what you are offering on that page and cannot list your page as a response to a potential customer’s search engine query.

At MedBanner, we analyze which of your pages are currently indexed. Then we diagnose the problem and take the necessary steps to get every page indexed on Google and other search engines. The benefit to you: more exposure and more customers.

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